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Schatztruhe GmbH & Co. KG

Jeweler since 1911 with branches in North Rhine-Westphalia;
Kerpen, Frechen, Cologne, Bochum, Dortmund, Düren, Bergheim, Düsseldorf. Competent, contactless, safe!
5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ German specialist company for the Rhineland, the Ruhr area and all of NRW.

We buy everything that is (right) real!

And always at high prices.
The longest way is worth it! Honest, fair, serious! Treasure chest jeweler gold purchase watches and jewelry.
Come today and sell your jewelry with us, as well as fashion jewelry, watches, gold bars, tin, silver cutlery, coins, dental gold. Gold and silver in every form. We pay out directly.

We also purchase complete inheritances, estates and collections and pay them out immediately on request, or transfer them to your account. Unbureaucratic and fast.

The price of gold has increased significantly and has reached its highest price in over eight years. Gold is benefiting above all from the uncertainty triggered by the Corona crisis.
Anyone who wants to sell gold and silver now should do so!
At the moment everyone gets the high prices of commodities for gold and silver. We buy your gold at current market prices!

We have three different ways of selling.

1. You visit one of our stores near you.

2. We will come to your home if they are not mobile or the goods are too heavy.

3. The mail-order purchase, with the completed accompanying slip, we will send you a DHL parcel stamp for insured shipping.

We always look at your goods and calculate immediately and promptly! The specialist treasure chest, whenever it comes to selling gold and silver! We are the experts when it comes to buying gold properly. No story hour, but real prizes.

Local customer proximity and your satisfaction are our top priority. We are a third generation German family company. The training of young people to become retail salespeople in the jewelry industry is part of our corporate philosophy and is supported in partnership by the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Our trainees are professionally trained from the very first day of their training on the subject of buying precious metals.
Trust Treasure Chest team of professionals when you sell gold, silver, platinum, palladium.

Make an appointment today: 02273-40 64 453


  • ドイツ中のスライディングゲートフェンスガーデンフェンスフェンス


    その他サービス Ronnenberg (Niedersachsen) 08/28/2023 出品者へお問合せ下さい

    当社はフェンス、門扉、改札口などの製造・組立を行っております。 当社のウェブサイトでは、すべての製品を掲載したカタログをご覧いただけます。 www.1337tore.de 個別のご要望がございましたら、夢の門やフェンスの写真を送っていただければ、お作りいたします。 当社のすべての製品には 5 ~ 10 年の保証が付いていますが、これは選択した防錆オプションによって異なります。

  • ベルクハイム缶の購入は 1 キロあたり最大 18 ユーロ

    ベルクハイム缶の購入は 1 キロあたり最大 18 ユーロ

    その他サービス Bergheim (Nordrhein-Westfalen) 08/28/2023 18,00 Euro € Other currencies2.321,19 JPY

    アパートの片づけをする人やブリキのコレクターのみなさん、こんにちは。 私たちはピューターの買取業者です 詳細と購入計算ツールは次のサイトでご覧いただけます。 https://www.goldgegenbar.de/zinnankauf-wo-zinn-verkaufen/ どこで、どのようにして? ケルペンの当店にご来店いただき、即時現金でお支払いいただきます。 またはドイツ全土に発送: ピューターを売る最良の方法は何ですか? それはとても簡単です: 付属の伝票にご記入いただき、電子メールまたは...